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Baby's First Year

Are you expecting or do you know someone who is? If so, Walker Photography has a new program that is just right! Introducing:

Baby's First Year.. PLUS!

This program is designed to capture all those special memories from pregnancy through the first year of life.

First photo shoot is during the 8th or 9th month of pregnancy to capture the belly. Mama can bring Daddy as well as future siblings for fun and precious hands on the tummy pictures!

The second photo shoot occurs once the precious bundle is here during that first month of life. The majority of the shoot is of the baby, but if Mom and Dad would like an individual shot, that is great too!

The next three shoots happen when the baby is 3,6, and 9 months old. These shoots are for the baby only since it begins to get more difficult to get the best shots. And we want to make sure to have our full focus on the baby to get all those wonderful expressions.

The final sitting is for the first birthday. Again, we want to have most of the focus on the celebration, but if you would like a family picture at this time, we are happy to do a couple poses for you.

All these sittings are held at the studio, and weather permitting, we love to take some outside as well. After each set of proofs are picked up, an ordering appointment is made for approximately two weeks later. You will pick one shot for your free 8x10. You have the option of ordering a package as well as ordering off the price sheet. Once all six sittings have been complete, Walker Photography will put an album together for you with the best shots from each sitting. The albums are pink or blue and have the baby's name and birth date imprinted in silver foil on the front.

All shoots are guaranteed: if the baby is having a bad day, we will reschedule or re-shoot the whole sitting!

6 sittings, 6-8x10's, a beautiful album.

All this would normally be $850.00, plus the guarantee.
We are offering this for just $685.00

Shannon Walker Photography, Bowling Green, MO

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